The Podcast Manager Academy

Hey there, multi-talented virtual assistant. Have you thought about adding Podcast Management to your services, but have no idea where to start?

What if you could have all the knowledge, tools, and systems to support your clients with the launch and management of their podcast…
all within 8 weeks?!

Guess what?

With The Podcast Manager Academy, you can!
Get ready for a structured business with those consistent income months you have been waiting for.

You became a virtual assistant because you wanted to make a full-time income from your business while working flexible hours, traveling the world, and going on fun adventures. 

But now, the opposite happens, you are working way more hours than you want, responding to client requests 24/7, and you are barely making enough money to pay for your bills and expenses.



Going from total newbie to learning everything you need to know to support your clients with the launch and management of their podcast in just 8 weeks!

🧑‍🎓 You have all the knowledge, skills, and confidence to help your clients launch and manage their podcast.

📦 Knowing how to package and price your Podcast Management Services in a way that provides consistent monthly income and high cash months.

👥 Knowing how to market your Podcast Management Services to attract your absolute DREAM clients and wake up to new DM inquiries daily

🕹️ Learning the different tools and systems to streamline your Podcast Management Service so that you don't need to work 24/7.

You know that you need to stop charging per hour, but you offer so many different services that it feels impossible to create packages.

You feel stressed about money. Did someone say “consistent income months?” That’s NOT where you are at.

You are currently working as a VA, and you feel burned out from client work and spinning your wheels to get to the next level.

You're interested in becoming a Podcast Manager as your first or next business…but starting it feels confusing or overwhelming.

You have thought about niching down or adding Podcast Management to your services (Maybe you already support your clients with their podcast). But you don’t feel confident enough to offer Management as a service on its own. 




This 7-module program is designed to help you go from NEWBIE to an *in-demand* Podcast Manager in just 8 weeks!

The Podcast Industry is BOOMING, and VAs who offer Podcast Management are more in demand than ever before.
If you want to add Podcast Management to your service packages, NOW is the right time!

I'm a Podcast Manager and a Podcast Manager Coach. I teach total newbies, VAs, and freelancers how to become a Profitable Podcast Manager and launch their podcast Management Business.

I have grown my business to $6K months as a podcast manager and have helped more than 20 clients start/launch/manage their very own podcast.

When I first started as a Podcast Manager 2 years ago, I went through a lot of trial and error, and it took me months to figure out...

🤔how to work with multiple clients at the same time without getting overwhelmed
😳how to price and package my services
😱Which business boundaries to have
💰How to have consistent income without dips

I invested over 30K in my business to get where I am today! Now I have a full roster of dream clients, make a full-time income from my business, and have a team to support me.

The Podcast Industry is BOOMING right now, and the in-demand for podcast managers is growing rapidly. So that's why I have created this program, to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about getting started as a Podcast Manager.

Hi, I'm Valery Colli

The Podcast Manager Academy is an 8-week group program for VAs, freelancers, or total newbies, that will teach you step-by-step how to become a podcast manager and launch your business.

During these 8 weeks, you'll master the core pillars of being a successful Podcast Manager, including…


We cover all of the software and steps you need to know from editing and uploading to launching and managing your clients’ podcast.


Create and execute a high-level, one-of-a-kind service for your clients and they will be amazed by your profession.


Learn my go-to strategies for ensuring that your clients get as many downloads as possible.


You’ll learn how to package and market your Podcast Management services and attract your ideal clients.


Get all the tools, tutorials, & templates you need to implement each module:


The MOST common question I get asked:
Where do you find clients?!

So in module 6, we'll go over the different strategies you can follow to get clients. We'll discuss the different types of content you can create to attract clients, create lead magnets that your potential clients are raving for, set up a referral system, and WHY you should think about outsourcing from the start so that you can attract more clients.

RESOURCES INCLUDED: Podcast Management Trello Board, Podcast Management Package Calculator, Show Notes template

Guest Management
& Podcast Monetization

Guest Management and Podcast Monetization are services that are standing on their own in the Podcast Management World. Still, you can add these services to your packages to increase your monthly income.
In the lesson about Guest Management, we are going over how to find aligned guests and which systems you need to set up to make this process as smooth as possible.

And in the lesson about Podcast Monetization, we will go over the different strategies you can use to support your clients by monetizing their podcast.



Now you know all the skills to get started as a Podcast Manager, but what's next? That's what we will cover in module 5.
You'll learn how to onboard clients with ease, how to rock your sales call, business boundaries you want to have in place, and you'll get a template that you can use to showcase your services.

RESOURCES INCLUDED: Work with me page outline, Application form template, Website/ Portfolio Canva Template, step- by step process for onboarding Podcast Management and Podcast Launch clients


Supporting your clients with the launch of their podcast is so much fun, and in my humble opinion, it is one of the most rewarding parts of Podcast Management because you will help your clients bring their podcast to life.

In module 4, we will be talking about supporting your clients through the launch of their show. You will get my proven framework on how to launch a podcast in 8 weeks or less (PLUS a full document you can give to your client before the launch). We will go over the dos and don'ts of launching a podcast. And you'll learn how to set up a podcast hosting and submit the podcast to the different directories.

RESOURCES INCLUDED: Podcast Management Trello Board, Podcast Management Package Calculator, Show Notes template


Module 3 is all about managing your client's weekly podcast. Managing a weekly podcast is a good amount of work, but it will be a breeze with the right systems and processes in place.
In this module, you'll learn the systems to manage a weekly podcast the different services you can include in your monthly packages; we'll give you a pricing calculator so that you set the right price for your packages, which also feels good for you.

RESOURCES INCLUDED: Podcast Management Trello Board, Podcast Management Package Calculator, Show Notes template


Podcast Management starts with learning how to edit audio files.
In module 2, I'll take you through all the essential steps of Podcast Production so you'll feel confident about delivering an excellent and polished, edited podcast episode to your clients.

RESOURCES INCLUDED: Publishing & editing tutorials, Raw Audio Files for you to practice editing.


In this module, we'll talk about the different types of Podcast Services you can offer because there are many niches within the Podcast Manager Industry.

We'll take a look at your strengths to determine the best services for YOU to create and package your offers.


  • Step-by- step editing tutorials
  • Pricing Calculators
  • Podcast Management  workflow board - Trello
  • Show Note template
  • Plug and play Canva services template 

Module 1: Your superpower

Module 2: Learn the skills

Module 3: Podcast Management

Module 4: Podcast Launches

Module 5: Business Foundation

Module 6: Guest Management and Podcast monetization

Module 7: Getting Clients

  • Step-by step onboarding checklist
  • Application form template
  • Onboarding email templates
  • Workbooks
  • ...and sooo much more...

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Inside the Podcast Manager Academy, you receive our unique combination of support that is proven to set up a successful business. 

We combine knowledge + tools & templates + coaching + community so that you are not only learning how to become a Podcast Manager.
But also how to save time, by streamlining your business, have me to support you in this process, and a community of people that become your business friends, and network for life!


"Before joining The Podcast Manager Academy, I had been in business for several years, had 7 amazing clients but was feeling overwhelmed and approaching burnout. I was ready to throw the entire business away.

I decided to try this one last thing and get some one-on-one support from someone who was in the same niche of Podcast Management to have someone else look at what I was doing and share some ways that they've had success and I can consider trying. And so I joined The Podcast Manager Academy.

Thanks to Valery for her support, her commitment to my success, and her direct yet compassionate way of calling me out, I can feel the ease and fun in my business again."


"I always wanted to start my own business, so when I landed on Valery her Instagram and started to learn more about becoming a Podcast Manager, I decided to give it a go!
And I'm so happy that I did! This program is packed with information; it teaches you how to edit episodes and the basic business foundation, which is great for a total newbie like myself. And then the bonus lessons are a cherry on the pie.
Valery is a great mentor; she's really caring. She will make you feel comfortable, and she teaches everything in detail.
If you want to start as a Podcast Manager? If you are looking for someone who can teach you everything about becoming a Podcast Manager, I would highly recommend Valery her Program, The Podcast Manager Academy."


"Since joining the Academy, I have learned so much. From editing episodes to managing multiple Podcasts at the same time, to actually launching a show, marketing myself on Social Media, and onboarding clients. Valery is an amazing coach, warm & friendly with so much knowledge to share."



You’ll get access to the course curriculum

Access to the private Facebook Group

Weekly group coaching calls

Access to the bonus lessons

Feedback on your editing work

Feedback on your packages and pricing

Feedback on your portfolio

Feedback on 10 content pieces you have written on the content writing party


You’ll get access to the course curriculum

Access to the private Facebook Group

Weekly group coaching calls

Access to all the bonus lessons


PRICE $997


payment plan options

Payment Plan - The Podcast Manager Academy

💳 Extended Payment plan
4 easy payments from $280

💳 Flexible Payment Plan
2 easy payments from $550

Payment Plan - V.I.P

💳 Extended Payment plan
4 easy payments from $430

💳 Flexible Payment Plan
2 easy payments from $800

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enroll now


When you prioritize marketing you prioritize revenue!
In this lesson, you'll learn how to:

  • Set your Instagram Account up to attract ideal customers when you UPGRADE your bio and optimize it for SEARCH
  • Create content quickly using free graphic design software
  • Discover her quick 'n dirty Instagram Algorithm hack
  • Get the kick in the pants you need to start marketing yourself on Instagram!

BONUS 1: Dominate Instagram with Jenna Warriner

Value of $997

Get in front of your DREAM clients! Build the know, like, and trust factors to make sure that you get noticed.
In these lessons you'll learn:

  • The biggest mindset blockers that specifically hold you back online.
  • How to become omnipresent within your business aka how to be everywhere so people will take notice.
  • Setting up a visibility strategy that works for YOU.

BONUS 2: Magnetize clients online through Visibility with Rebecca

Value of $997

Want high-ticket clients?! You need to get on LinkedIn.
In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn account so that your DREAM clients can find you
  • Learn how to find the right connections, increase your visibility and GROW your network
  • Create a content strategy so that your ideal clients come to you

BONUS 3: Level Up with LinkedIn with Vadrine Boulle

Value of $997

In this class, you'll learn:

  • How to build a brand that's authentic to you that sets you up for success while staying true to yourself and holding space for growth.

BONUS 4: Build a Brand people are raving for with Sonia

Value of $697

In this bonus, my good friend Emma who's a Content Pro, will teach you how to repurpose podcast episodes, and turn them into a blog. That way, you can charge more money for your services. In this lesson you'll learn:

  • The do's and don'ts of content repurposing
  • Softwares that you can use to streamline your content repurposing system
  • SEO to help rank your client's blog post on Google

BONUS 5: Repurposing Bootcamp with Emma Wolno

Value of $997

In this bonus, my good friend Emma who's a Content Pro, will teach you how to repurpose podcast episodes, and turn them into a blog. That way, you can charge more money for your services. In this lesson you'll learn:

  • The do's and don'ts of content repurposing
  • Softwares that you can use to streamline your content repurposing system
  • SEO to help rank your client's blog post on Google

BONUS 6: Map out your client experience using Dubsado

Value of $497

This document contains everything that your launch client needs to know to launch their podcast.

  • Equipment recommendations
  • Tips and tricks on how to optimize the sound of the recording
  • Scripts what to say in their intro, outro, and trailer
  • Template of a Podcast Launch calendar

BONUS 7: The Podcast Launch Process Map

Value of $297

In this bonus, my good friend Angelica who's an IG Reels specialist will teach you how to create Reels that get noticed by your audience.
In this lesson you'll learn:

  • What type of Reels you can create
  • How to do transitions
  • Recognizing trends and finding trending songs

BONUS 8: Grow with Instagram Reels 

Value of $499


The Academy comes with 8 AMAZING bonus lessons → swipe to see all the bonuses

If you have gotten this far, chances are that you are seriously thinking about adding Podcast Management to your services, and you know that the Podcast Manager Academy is gonna help you with that!

But there is one last thing that I want you to know.

Becoming a Podcast Manager and especially learning how to edit takes some time, but how AMAZING is it, if you have an experienced Podcast Manager in your back pocket and a community that becomes your friend!

The Podcast Industry is BOOMING.💥
This is the time to add Podcast Management to your services!

enroll now!

 Learn how to edit, launch, and manage podcasts in 8 weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will want about 1 hour to watch the week's lesson, 1 hour to do the work, and 1 hour to attend our weekly office hours to get the most out of the program. The great news is that you do not need to attend live as we will have recordings of each call. Also, because you get lifetime access, you do not need to stress about "falling behind." There's no such thing!

You follow the same program; with the V.I.P. option, you have way more support from me! I will give feedback on your editing, packages, prices, your portfolio, and feedback on 10 content pieces you wrote.

No, there is not! All the software that I will show you inside the program is free or has a free version. When you grow your business and have more clients, you need to sign up for paid software to create promo material. But that’s not more than $40 a month. And keep in mind, when you need to pay for software, your business is also growing, haha.

No worries! We are recording every coaching call, so a replay will be available that will be uploaded into the course platform.

YES, totally! When you start your business, you need to focus on money-making activities and growing your IG following. Designing a logo or building a website is not a money-making activity. But inside of the academy, we will have an AMAZING bonus module about Instagram, Branding, Level Up with LinkedIn, and we have created a beautiful portfolio template that you can use to outline your packages and send to your potential clients.

That can be really frustrating. I really love to work with you, so I hope you won't let those past experiences stop you from working with us. That said, we've designed this program in a way that we hope will make it easier for you to implement and get results. We have specific prompts for you to share in our Facebook Community so that you can get feedback, weekly Coaching Calls where you can get specific questions answered, and the program itself is broken down into a really manageable step-by-step process.