When I took an online course and found out that Podcast Management was something you can offer as a service, I wanted to learn everything about it.

Listening to podcasts
changed my life.

Living the dream
Let’s go on a journey together…

A trip down memory lane

2015: I left school and went on an adventure

School has never been my interest, but what your parents say is, "if you don't finish school, you can't find a well-paid job." So I started a degree in Human Resource Management. But during my second year, I decided to stop and move to my dad's home country: Suriname. 

I Found my second home

In Surinam, I found everything that I was looking for. I said I would stay for 6 months, but 6 months became 2,5 years with some breaks in between. Surinam was my second home.

2018- 2019:
The Travel Bug bit me

In 2018 I traveled for several months through Africa, where I saw people working from their laptop. I was so excited, and the only thing that I could think of was that I needed to know; how do they do that? What do they do? And how can I create a lifestyle like that for myself?

I booked a one-way

I wanted to travel more and work online, so I decided to surround myself with like-minded people. And where do you find like-minded people? Yes, in Bali. So I booked a one-way ticket and went all in.

I discovered Podcast Management 

I took an online course, and I discovered Podcast Management. It was LOVE at first sight. I knew that this was my jam. 
I learned everything about Podcast Management and started The Podcast Planners.

2021: Niched down and launched The Podcast Manager Academy

After I did my first podcast launch in 2020, I started to specialize myself in Podcats Launches. And I LOVE IT. 

Over the last couple of months, I learned so much about Podcast Management that I wanted to support other people to start their Podcast Management biz. 

So the Podcast Manager Academy was born. 


4. Enneagram: 


3. Human Design

Get Rich Lucky Bitch,by Duffield-Thomas, Denise

2. Favorie book:

Yay for Business- Courtney Chaal

1. Favorite Podcast 


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Breakthrough Brand

10. Podcast


9. Holiday:

At home!

8. Place to Be:

Pop Punk Music

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6. To Eat:

Did someone say more favorites!?

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