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1 Podcast Launch spot open for July

We service big-picture thinkers.

Who have built a thriving business on Social Media, where you, daily, impact the lives of your community.

You are ready to make an even bigger impact outside of Social Media on a platform that you own.

You are looking for a place to nurture and warm up your audience and build up your authority as an industry leader. 

So that when you launch a new course, your audience already took out their 💳 and paid you before you even announced the name of your program 

If this is you, keep reading.

You have been procrastinating launching your podcast because It felt like just one more thing to add to an already full plate of you running your business.

because right now, you
➡️ have a team to manage
➡️ are busy serving your clients
➡️ launch multiple offers

So I totally get it that you haven't launched
your show yet.

How does it sounds if I tell you that we can now launch your podcast in just one week while you can keep running your business clockwise?

Sounds like a freaking DREAM, right?!

Podcast Launch VIP Experience

I want to introduce you too

With this brand-new offer, we will launch your podcast in just one week.

Yes, in just ONE week, we will have your podcast up and running so that you can start building that deeper connection with your audience and warm them up for your next program.

And the best part is we will do this in one week and make it a part of your workflow.

The Podcast Launch VIP Experience isn’t for everyone

This offer is for the ambitious entrepreneur who...
➡️has a full understanding of their ideal clients
➡️has a proven offer (services, courses, or programs)
➡️want to use the podcast for their business and part of their marketing strategy
➡️is an action taker and wants to launch their podcast ASAP.

This offer isn’t for you if…
❌ you are new in business and don’t have a good understanding of your ideal clients
❌ you don’t have a signature service, course, or program
❌ the podcast will be your passion project

Book your vip experience

"I really enjoyed working with Valery for my podcast launch.

Her energy is amazing, and she is incredibly straightforward and organized. She provides you with all the guidance you need to hit the ground running, and it was a delight to have our consulting conversations.

I have gained so much confidence in sharing my perspective and content in this new format. In addition to being very organized, she uses the perfect tools to keep you on track."

Akua Nyame-Mensah,
Host of The Open Door Conversation Podcast

"Working with Valery to launch my podcast was a great experience! I wasn't sure what to do, how to do it, or what the first step would even be to launch my podcast. I wanted to get my podcast up and running fast.

The onboarding process was easy; Valery clarified all the steps and made it easy for me to follow. The check-ins were great for keeping me accountable.

I have reached over 50.000 downloads with my podcast, which is AMAZING.

Thank you, Valery, for being so patient, professional, and outstanding at what you do."

Victoria Bond,

Host of Awaken

What’s included in the podcast launch vip experience?

and what does the podcast launch VIP experience look like each day?

Podcast Launch
• Coaching on recording space, interview tips, and choosing equipment
• Music selection support
• Scripts for your intro, outro, trailer, and show description
• step-by-step podcast launch marketing plan
• Organize Google folder
• Set Up Workflow Board (Optional)
• Editing and production of your trailer episode
• Editing and mixing your intro and outro
• Editing and production of 3 launch episodes
• Show notes for the first 3 episodes (includes episode summary, takeaways and resources + links)
• 1 Social Media Caption for each episode
• 1 audiogram for each episode
• Templates for Guest Communication email
• Communication via Trello/ Voxer during the entire launch

Podcast Tech
• Hosting platform setup
• Submission on all platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play, Amazon
• Episode analytics spreadsheet
• Category selection on podcast platform

Podcast Graphics
We work with a Graphic designer who will create customized templates for during the launch and after.
• Cover art
• Audiogram Template (IG Feed )
 for solo and guest
• Audiogram template (IG Story)
 for solo and guest

What's included:

Let's look at what the VIP experience looks like each day.

Day 01

Deliver your podcast brief
This is where I take your answers from the intake questionnaire you submit prior to our VIP week and prepare a podcast to brief (including podcast description) that you can use to pitch your podcast.

Deliver Podcast Cover Art

Our graphic Designer designs 4-5 cover art according to the information provided in the intake questionnaire – examples, photos, brand guidelines, etc. You get to choose your favorite, and you have ONE free revision round!

Set up your workflow board (optional)
We like to work with podcast workflow board to keep track of the tasks that need to be done with your podcast. So we can set up a workflow for your podcast on the project Management system of your choice. 

Day 02

Deliver trailer, intro, outro, and episode 01 (optional advertisements)
On day two of the VIP Experience, you can listen to the trailer, intro, outro, and first episode (and request any edits you feel necessary).

Deliver show notes
You will receive the notes for the trailer and first episode with a quick summary of the episode, links, and anything else you asked for in the intake questionnaire. You'll get editor access to the document, or we will upload the show notes to your project management system. 

Day 03

Deliver the graphics
Our graphic designer also designs square and vertical templates on Canva that can be used to promote the podcast on your social media channel(s). You have ONE free revision round. The revision request must be communicated to us the next day before 10:00 am.

Deliver trailer audiogram
You will receive a graphic with, on top of the graphic, a soundbite of the trailer. You can use the graphic to share the trailer on your social media.

"I have gained so much confidence in sharing my perspective and content in this new format."

Day 04

Deliver episodes 2 and 3
On day two, you received the first episode and show notes, and you got the chance to provide us with feedback. You will receive the other two final episodes and the show notes on day four. 

Deliver promo material
As a bonus, we have for you.
- an episode cover (vertical graphic) that includes the name of the podcast, the episode title, and the episode number. 
- a graphic that includes the highlights of each episode and
- a graphic with on top a key soundbite of the episode.

You can use these graphics to promote the podcast episodes on your social media channel; marketing will be a breeze!

Day 05

Set up hosting site
I do the complete setup from your hosting site. And I upload and scheduled the trailer and the three episodes to your hosting site so that they will automatically be published on the day of the launch. 

Wrap up video call 
Make sure that you are available for a 1-hour call today.
Today we have a 1-hour call because we are going to do something REALLY exciting and submit the podcast to the major directories. This call will also be our wrap-up call, where I will walk you through the deliverables, we can talk about moving forward with the podcast, and you have the chance to ask any questions.

Day 06

Buy yourself your favorite drink.
It can take up to 24 hours before the episode is visible, so that's why we are submitting the trailer the day before. But in the meantime, poor yourself your favorite drink and celebrate; your podcast is about to go live!

Share the podcast with your audience, friends, and family
We've been building momentum for this very special day. On launch day, tell everyone your podcast is officially LIVE! You can use the graphics we shared on day four to promote your podcast on your social media. 

Today it's time to celebrate

"Valery is organized, timely, and thorough with her work. Working with Valery has been an absolute dream.

Every part of the setup is so organized and clear. 99% of my questions were answered on our intake call, and in the following systems put into place, the 1% left were answered quickly and thoroughly. If you have wanted to start a podcast, but it seems overwhelming, HIRE VALERY.

Seriously I'd be shouting hire The Podcast Planners from the rooftops if I could."

Makenzie Chilton

Host of Love Your Mondays

"Valery is organized, timely, and thorough with her work. She has helped me make launching my podcast MUCH less stressful and has helped me avoid problems I didn't even know I could have with a podcast!

If you want to launch a podcast or just want someone to trust to edit and release your monthly episodes, Valery is your girl!

Allison Jordan, LMT, FDN-P, CST-T
Host of the Better Belly Podcast

A real nature lover who's adventures and had as biggest dream to explore the world. And that's why I left the Netherlands to go on another advanture, this time I will be traveling through  South America - living my dream life.

Currently, I'm back in my home country

My team and I are supporting high achievers, big-picture thinkers
with launching their binge-worthy podcast, so you have a place outside Social Media to connect with your audience, make a BIGGER impact, and attract leads for your business.

I'm a Podcast Launch Expert and founder of The Podcast Planners- a boutique podcast studio that has launched over 25 podcasts in the last 2,5 years.

In my free time, I love to learn about different cultures, discover new places and try local food from the country I'm in.

Hi, I am Valery


"Val helped me launch my podcast and then co-created 42 episodes alongside me, and it was a great experience.

Val's workflow, organization, and support have been 10/10. She was knowledgeable, efficient, and excited to be a podcast launcher and manager. She made the launch feel so organic. When it comes to business and creating something new, this is the first time it has felt so easy because of having a team member like Val."

Regan Storm,
Host of Real Talk with Regan

"Val's workflow, organization, and support have been 10/10. She made the launch feel so organic."

Even though we launch a podcast in just one week, we ONLY take on 2 launch clients per month. 

So if you want to get your podcast up and running fast and you already have a date in mind for bringing your podcast into this world? 

Secure your spot now!

Spots available:
February       1
March          1
April            1

I'm in!


What is the level of investment?

The investment to launch your podcast in one week is $2100

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes, we have a 2-month and 3-month payment plan available. 

After the launch, can you help me with the management of my show? 

Yes, we can. We have 2 podcast ongoing management packages you can choose from. Click on this link and see what’s included in our management packages.

What isn’t included in your package, and what do I need to sign up/purchase? 

Equipment: Microphone, headphones, and pop-up filter, and you need to sign up for a
Podcast Hosting Site.

When we decide to work together, we will support you with purchasing your equipment and choosing your podcast hosting site.

Are you ready?

YEs, I'm ready!