The Podcast Launch Blueprint 


I don’t need to tell you that the podcast industry is growing rapidly and that more folks are planning to launch a podcast this year than ever.

It’s one of the most booming industries on the planet…and most likely, some of your clients have already asked you if you could support them with the launch of their own podcast. Let’s be honest: You would LOVE to support them and offer this service, but you have no idea how a podcast launch even works.

Well…that’s about to change. What if you had all of the knowledge, tools, and strategies for how to support your current and future clients with their podcast launch in the easiest way possible?

Calling all VA's, OBM's, and Podcast


With the Podcast Launch Blueprint Course, you will! This is a self-paced course that teaches you in just 5 core modules how to launch a podcast with ease and give your clients a 5-star experience.

Going from total newbie to learning everything you need to know to support your clients with the launch of their podcast!

➡️ Understanding how to launch a podcast with ease and having an organized and streamlined process in place to do that. Goodbye, overwhelm, welcome fun and high cash months!

➡️ Having all the knowledge, tools, and resources of what’s included in a Podcast Launch so that you feel confident to support your clients with the launch of their podcast and give them a 5-star experience.

➡️ Know how to package and price your Podcast Launch Services without undercharging yourself


➡️ You already work as a Podcast Manager, but you think podcast launches are so much work, so that’s why you don’t offer this as a service. Flashnote Podcast Launches are super organized and streamlined if you’re doing it in the correct way.

➡️You’re a VA or OBM and always get asked if you can support your clients with the launch of their podcast, but you have no idea of everything that’s included!

➡️Orr… you already spend hours watching YouTube videos and reading Blog posts on how to launch a podcast, but the only thing that you got out of it is overwhelm.

Let me know if this sounds familiar

This 5-module self-paced course was designed to teach you how to launch a Podcast with ease so that you can serve your clients with a new skill and have those high cash months without working more hours!

As I said before…I don’t need to tell you that the podcast industry is BOOMING right now! And Podcast Managers, VAs, and OBMs who offer Podcast Launches as a service are more in demand than ever before!

That’s exactly WHY I’ve created The Podcast Launch Blueprint

Hi, I'm Valery!

A Podcast Manager and a Podcast Manager Coach. In 2020 I did my first Podcast Launch, and I made so many "mistakes" that I barely made any money from the first launch. If you resonate with this; you're at the right place.

After that first launch, I re-assessed my processes, increased my prices, and developed a system to make podcast launches fun and easy for my clients and myself.

Podcast Launches are not only fun and rewarding, but with an organized system in place, you can also charge a high price for a single launch. So In the last 2 years, my team and I launched over 25 podcasts, which generated over $37,000 in revenue. YES, you're reading that correctly. And we launched the podcasts while I was traveling the world.

You might think that you need to spend hours a week on the launch of your client's show, WRONG! I've created a super organized and streamlined system where this is not the reality!

Which I will teach you in this course!

What our previous Podcast Launch Clienst has to say...

“Working with Valery has been an ABSOLUUT dream, Every part of the setup is so organized and clear. 99% of my questions were answered on our intake call, and in the following systems put into place, the 1% left were answered quickly and thoroughly”.

C. Mackenzie
Host of the Love Your Monday Podcast

“Valery, you are an organizational dream!

Honestly, as someone who really struggles with project management, I so appreciate the extra mile you are taking to do such great work...and we haven't even started the podcast yet.”

C. Chaal
Host of the Yay for Business Podcast

“Valery is organized, timely, and thorough with her work. She has helped me make launching my podcast MUCH less stressful and has helped me avoid problems I didn’t even know I could have with a podcast.

If you’re launching a podcast and want someone to support you through this process, Valery is your girl!”

A. Jordan
Host of the Better Belly Podcast

Okay, I already know that I need this course!

Pay in full

Flexible Payment plan $165

One time payment of $297

2 payments of $165


Pre work 

In the pre-work, we are going to look at the packaging and pricing of your podcast launch offer. 

Pre worK 

Module 1:
Podcast Launch

In this module, we will look at the fundamental steps you need to know and do so that you can successfully launch your client's podcast in 8- weeks or less.

We will go over the podcast Launch Timeline, how to set up a workflow board for a podcast launch, how to organize your client's Google/ Dropbox folder, and you'll get my secret weapon that will save e you tons of time; The Podcats Launch Process Map.

Module 1: Podcast Launch Fundamentals

RESOURCES INCLUDED: onboarding questionnaire to send to your launch clients and a Podcast LAunch Calculator to set the right price for a launch.

RESOURCES INCLUDED: workflow board, intro, outro, show description scripts to hand over to your launch clients, podcast launch timeline template.

Module 2: Client Prep 

In module 2, I’ll teach you how you can prepare your client for the launch of their show. Having the idea of launching a podcast is great, but your clients also need to know certain things before they can hit the recording button, and what that is, I’ll teach you in module 2.
We will go over:
  • Recording environment
  • How to record an interview
  • How to record a solo episode
  • Equipment recommendations

Module 2: Client Prep

RESOURCES INCLUDED: video training, equipment checklists

Module 3:
Launch essentials

In module 4 we are starting with the pre-launch phase of launching your client's podcast. In this module, we will go over some key elements that will determine the success of your client's show. We will go over:
  • How to set a podcast hosting site
  • Creating a Podcast Cover Art
  • Why your client needs to record a trailer episode

Module 3: Launch essentials

RESOURCES INCLUDED: video tutorials, cover art, Canva template

Module 4: Pre-Launch 

Module 4:

If it comes to launching a podcast, there are some things you need to know about the promotion of each individual episode, and that’s what we will look at in this module. We will go over:
  • Writing show notes (what are show notes, why do they matter, the different types of show notes)
  • Creating audiograms (what are audiograms, tutorial on how to create an audiogram)

RESOURCES INCLUDED: show notes template, audiogram Canva templates, video tutorials

Module 5:
Launch Ready 

Module 5: 
Launch ready 

We have gone through everything that you need to do before you can launch your client show. In this module, we will look at how to actually launch the show and ensure that your client will have a successful launch. We will cover:
  • How to submit and launch a show
  • Different Launch Strategies you can follow to launch your client's show successfully

RESOURCES INCLUDED: video tutorials, step-by-step checklist

Here’s what you’ll get as part of the program:

  • Private Facebook Group for support and to ask Questions ($997 Value)
  • 5 high-level self-paced core modules ($3000 Value)
  • High-Quality worksheets and Materials ($500 Values)

Plus these bonuses:
  • Podcast Launch Workflow ($100 Values)
  • Podcast Launch Workflow email templates ($300 Values)
  • Canva Audiogram templates ($98 Value)

Total Value $4997

There is one thing that I want you to know: 

Insiders predict that the podcasting industry will grow each year even more than it has in the last few years.

For a Podcast Launch, you can charge at least $1500, so think about how much money you can earn if you know how to do a Podcast Launch, which you will know after going through this course!

So let me break it down even more; when you do 1 podcast launch, you already have 5 times the investment back of this course; like what??

And now you have the knowledge to do more launches.

Podcast Launches are not only super fun and rewarding because you can bring your client's vision to life. Podcast Launches also gave you flexibility and time freedom why most of us, at least I did, started my business.

Valery is a gem! I know I always say it, and I mean it. Even though I've been doing this work as a podcast manager for years, Valery's podcast launch method showed me where I was wasting time and not utilizing resources available to me that could make the launch process even smoother.

Historically, launches are a lot. Everyone's excited and nervous and there's always last minute changes and unexpected things, but because of her module, my launch with my latest client was seamless. We communicated through the trello board, my client got to watch my process and vice versa and it really changed the game. We launched in 8 weeks as promised and it was a lot of fun.

Thank you so much Valery for sharing all you share and giving the most.

R. Chapman
Wordie Productions


Do I get access to the course imminently?

Yes! So once you enroll in the course, you will receive a welcome email that includes a link to create an account on our course platform.

Can I get help If I have questions while going through the course?

Absolutely! That’s why we have created our private student Facebook Community. Inside the Facebook group, you can ask any additional questions that you might have after going through the modules.

How Long will it take me to complete this program? 

Each module has multiple lessons, but if you spend at least 2 hours a day on the course. You can finish the course within 10 days. 

Do I need to complete the program in a certain amount of time?

No, you have lifetime access to this program, including all future updates. The program is self-paced, so you can dive into it whenever works best for you and your schedule.

I’m new to Podcast Management. Is this still a good course for me?

When you are completely new to Podcast Management, I would recommend our other program; The Podcast Manager Academy. Inside The Podcast Manager Academy, I'll teach you everything you need to know to become an in-demand Podcast Manager and launch your Podcast Manager Business.

The Podcast Launch Blueprint Course will teach you how to launch your client's podcast with ease!

Do you have a refund policy if I decide that this program isn’t for me? 

Due to the digital nature and length of this program, all sales are final, and no refunds will be given. Please reach out to me on Instagram @thepodcastplanners if you have any questions or concerns before enrolling.