We service big-picture thinkers.

With real dreams - becoming a future TED Talker, perhaps.

Who are building million-dollar legacies.

Who are their family’s success stories in the making with the launch of their binge-worthy podcast in just ONE week.

More About me

Do you want to have a podcast but not more things on your to-do list? Then you are in the right place! 

I always loved to listen to podcasts, so when I found out that there exists something like podcast management, I knew that that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to learn everything about it. 

My team and I are helping high achievers, big-picture thinkers who are busy in a good way, with launching their high-converting podcast in just ONE week. 

Besides helping these driven high achievers launch and manage their podcast, I also teach VAs and aspiring podcast managers the skills to start as a podcast manager and launch their podcast management business in my signature program, The Podcast Manager Academy. 

Hello Friend!
I'm Valery


"Valery is organized, timely, and thorough with her work. She has helped me make launching my podcast MUCH less stressful and has helped me avoid problems I didn’t even know I could have with a podcast!""

- Allison J.

Working with Valery has been an absolute dream. Every part of the setup is so organized and clear. 99% of my questions were answered on our intake call, and in the following systems put into place, the 1% left were answered quickly and thoroughly."

- Makenzie C.

"Thank you, Valery, for being so patient, professional, and outstanding at what you do.
 I'll be telling all my clients about this amazing podcast manager!"

-Victoria B.

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Grab this tool kit and learn about the tools we use on a weekly basis to manage multiple podcasts.

The Podcast Manager Tool Kit