1:1 Mentorship 

Are you a driven Podcast VA or Podcast Manager looking to take your podcast management biz to the next level?

But you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, uncertain about the next steps, and longing for a clear path to success? 

Look no further because I have the perfect solution for you!


My exclusive 1:1 mentorship program designed specifically for ambitious Podcast VAs and Managers like you. This transformative mentorship experience is fully customized to your unique goals and aspirations. 

you emerge as a confident and accomplished Podcast Manager armed with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to thrive in this industry.

I'm so ready!

in 3 months from now

Back in 2019, I started my journey as a Podcast Manager. Little did I know that starting as a Podcast Manager would lead me on an amazing adventure filled with both triumphs and challenges. I quickly found myself fully booked with clients, which was AMAZING, but I'll be honestβ€”I was overwhelmed, I was only working in my business, not knowing how to take my business to the next level. Can you relate?

That's when I decided to invest in myself and signed up for a 12-month high-ticket coaching program; being in this program was an absolute game-changer for me and my business. I learned how to optimize my client experience, find the right team members, and I launched my signature program: The Podcast Manager Academy, where I teach aspiring VAs the skills to start as a Podcast Manager and launch their podcast management business.

And last year, I made a bold decision to invest $10k in a mastermind, taking my business to even greater heights. In total, I've invested over $30K in my business, and let me tell you, it was worth every penny.

Today I work four days a week and make a full-time income from my business.
And I'm here to empower you to create your own success story in the world of Podcast Management.

In my 1:1 private mentorship, we'll navigate the challenges, strategize your growth, and unlock the door to a thriving business that aligns with your dreams and aspirations.

World Traveller, Podcast Producer and Mentor for Podcast Managers

Hi! I'm Valery 

πŸŽ™ Onboarding Your First Team Member:
Discover the secrets to building a strong and efficient team that supports your podcast management biz. Learn how to write a good job description, identify the right talent, creating SOPs, and onboard your team member.

πŸŽ™ Establishing Business Boundaries:
Achieve the work-life balance you deserve! We'll dive into setting healthy boundaries, managing client expectations, and implementing systems and processes that allow you to run your podcast management business efficiently and sustainably.

πŸŽ™ Seamless Client Onboarding:
Amaze your clients right from the start! Discover how to create a seamless client onboarding process that sets the stage for a successful partnership. Streamline your workflows, optimize communication, and ensure a delightful client experience.

πŸŽ™ Creating Irresistible Packages:
Craft compelling podcast management packages that make potential clients say, "Yes, please!" Learn how to structure your offerings, price them effectively, and communicate their value in a way that makes your services irresistible to clients.

πŸŽ™ Podcast Launch VIP:
Looking for more time freedom? Unleash the power of a standout podcast launch experience! Gain the strategies, tools, and insights to create a podcast Launch VIP Experience that help your clients launch their podcats in just one week.

πŸŽ™ Podcast Auditing and Recommendations:
Become a trusted advisor for your clients! Learn how to effectively audit their podcasts, identify areas for improvement, and offer expert recommendations that enhance their results. Elevate your value and establish long-lasting client relationships based on trust and results.

πŸŽ™ Getting in Front of the Right Clients:
Master the art of client acquisition and attract your dream clients effortlessly. We'll delve into proven marketing techniques, powerful networking strategies, and effective positioning to ensure you consistently connect with the right audience.

Dive Deep into Key Areas of Growth

During your 1:1 mentorship journey, we can cover a wide range of topics, but here are some examples of topics we can cover: 

Imagine the freedom and fulfillment of a thriving podcast management biz working only with DREAM clients and reaching your monthly income goal without working more hours.

Sounds like a dream right? 

There are 2 options to work with me 1:1

Launch & Grow-
1 month of mentoring.

What's included: 

2 Bi-Weekly 1-Hour Sessions:
Benefit from two power-packed, personalized mentoring sessions, where we dive deep into specific topics, strategize solutions, and celebrate your progress.

1,5 months of Accountability Support via Voxer:
Stay motivated and supported throughout your journey with ongoing accountability via Voxer, ensuring you stay on track and achieve your milestones.

Feedback on everything you create during our month together:
Receive detailed feedback and guidance on everything you create during our three months together. 

The investment for this life-changing 1:1 mentorship program for
1 month is $799

Payment plan available

Thrive, Scale, and Amplify-
3 months of mentoring.

What's included?

90-Minute Deep Dive:
Kickstart our 3 months together with a comprehensive deep dive session              where we explore your goals and challenges and create a roadmap for your          success.

6 Bi-Weekly 1-Hour Sessions:
Benefit from six power-packed, personalized mentoring sessions, where we          dive deep into specific topics, strategize solutions, and celebrate your                progress.

3 Months of Accountability Support via Voxer:

Stay motivated and supported throughout your journey with ongoing                    accountability via Voxer, ensuring you stay on track and achieve your                    milestones.

Access to The Podcast Manager Academy ($600):

Gain exclusive access to The Podcast Manager Academy, a treasure trove of          resources, tools, and additional training to enhance your expertise.

Feedback on everything you create during the 3 months:

Receive detailed feedback and guidance on everything you create during our        three months together. 

The investment for this life-changing 1:1 mentorship program of
3 months is $2799

Payment plan available

Let's make it official 

Ignite the spark in your podcast management business with our Launch & Grow Mentorship Package! In just one month, I'll empower you to establish strong foundations, streamline your client onboarding process, create a thriving referral program, and show you what to do so that you attract clients like a magnet. Get ready to unleash your podcast management prowess and soar to new heights!

Experience the magic of my Thrive, Scale, and Amplify Mentorship Package! In the three months together, we'll dive deeply into your business. We are looking into ways to reduce your workload while increasing your revenue. With my expert guidance, we will build a dream team, create irresistible packages like, for example, a Podcast Launch VIP package, and unlock the path to success. Ready to Thrive, Scale, and Amplify your podcasting empire? 

Whether you choose the Launch & Grow option for one month or the Thrive, Scale, and Amplify option for three months, you'll receive personalized guidance and support to strategize your growth and unlock the door to a thriving business.

Let's create the success story you've always envisioned.

What some of my mentees have said...

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Collet Mckanzie

Now, Just take a moment to reflect on how far you've already come on your own. 

I want to celebrate you for your achievements! But now, picture how your life could look like when you have a thriving podcast management biz. Signing dream clients consistently, having a fantastic work-life balance, and a strong team that helps you sustainably grow your biz. 

Can you feel that excitement building up inside you?
That "FUCK YES" feeling that ignites your passion?

If you're ready to embrace this thrilling journey, then my exclusive tailored 1:1 mentorship program is for you. 

Together, we will embark on a transformative experience where I will guide and support you to strategize your growth, helping you unlock the door to a thriving podcast management biz.

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