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Are you ready to supercharge your sales funnel with a podcast that will uplevel your brand, grow your business, and bring in those spicy leads you're looking for?

The Podcast
Launch Starters Kit

You've wanted to start a podcast for a long time, but you have been putting it on the back burner! It felt like just one more thing to add to an already full plate of you running your business."

What If I told you that we could launch your podcast in 8 weeks, and you can give your audience the podcast that they are waiting for?

You can stay in your zone of genius and focus on serving your clients.

You only need to focus on the fun part; recording your episodes.

You don't worrying about managing your podcast.

Imagine having a podcast where...

Wanna know how to make this your reality?

Let me introduce you to our 

Podcast Launch Starters Kit

Attract those spicy leads

Grow your business

Reach more people 

We help you to launch your podcast in 8 weeks (or less) so that you can

Working with Valery as my podcast manager was so easy! I wasn't sure what to do, how to do it, or what the first step would even be. All I know was I desired to get my podcast up and running fast.

Valery made it clear what the steps were and, along with her team, created awesome graphics and audiograms. I choose Valery to do it all for me, as I don't have a lot of extra time, so all I had to do was send her my recordings, and as if by magic, my podcast is up and running and reaching people worldwide.

Thank you, Valery, for being so patient, professional, and outstanding at what you do.
 I'll be telling all my clients about this amazing podcast manager!”

Victoria Bond
Host of the Release Your Blocks Podcast

• Strategy and onboarding call 
• Coaching on recording space, interview tips and choosing of equipment
• Music selection support
• Scripts for your intro, outro, trailer and show description
• Creating of launch plan
• Organize Google folder
• Set Up Workflow Board (Trello)
• Editing and production of your trailer episode
• Editing and mixing your intro and outro 
• Editing and production of 3 launch episodes 
• Show notes for the first 3 episodes (includes episode summary, takeaways and resourches + links)
• 1 Social Media Caption for each episode
• 1 audiogram for each episode
• Templates for Guest Communication email
• Communiction via Trello/ Voxer during the entire launch

• Hosting platform setup 
• Submission on all platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play, Amazon
• Episode analytics spreadsheet
• Category selection on podcast platform

• Cover art
• Audiogram Template (IG Feed )
 for solo and guest
• Audiogram template (IG Story)
 for solo and guest
• 1x Coming soon graphic

Investment for the Podcast Launch Starters Kit starts at $2300 
This is exclusive graphics. 

Send in your application and we’ll get back to you with next steps within 1 business day.

We work with a Graphic designer who will create customized templates for during the launch and after.

Podcast Launch:

Podcast Tech:


Here is what your Podcast Launch Starters Kit includes:


• You are constantly creating revenue in your business.

• You want a podcast to work for you and repeatedly bring in leads that convert to your business.

• You are ready to commit to at least 5 months of working together, 2 months for the launch of your podcast, and a 3-month ongoing commitment.

This is for you if...

 You want to launch your podcast as your side project. We only work with people who take their podcast seriously and want to release episodes on a consistent and regular schedule. We don’t want to chase you for the episodes or other podcast assets.

• You are not ready to commit to at least 5 months of working together. Growing a podcast takes time and consistency, so that’s why we are asking you to commit 3 months after the launch; the launch of your podcast will take 2 months 

You are so busy running your business that you don’t have the time to record episodes. We are aware that you are a busy entrepreneur and have a lot on your plate. But as we said, growing your podcast so that the podcast is working for you and your business takes consistency, and you need to invest a little bit of your time in recording episodes. If you don’t have the time to record episodes, we are not a good fit.

This is NOT for you if….

Frequently Asked Questions

After the initial 8 weeks; that is the amount of time that we need to launch your podcast. you have a 3-month commitment with us. We have 2 different ongoing packages. These services you can find by using this link

So much goes into launching a podcast. Out of the experience, we saw that an 8-week timeline works for everyone.

In 8 weeks, we have enough time to warm up your audience and make sure you have a successful launch. And maybe you need to purchase some things, so know you have the time.

Equipment Recommend: microphone, headphones, and pop filter
Podcast Hosting Platform Recommend: Libsyn or Simplecast

Yes, we have a 2-month, and a 3-month payment plan.
When you want to use our payment plan, please let us know before the call.

Yes, we have, click on this link and go to the page with our podcast management packages.

Yes, that’s awesome! We love how you already think about repurposing your existing content. You may need to record an introduction for the episode, but we can definitely help you with this.

No worries, we've got you covered! Before we go on the strategy call, I share with you a Google folder. You find everything you need to know in that folder about what to say in your episodes (The different hosting platforms, scripts for your intro, outro, and trailer. And how to set yourself up for recording. Links to websites where you can find music for the podcast and guidance on setting yourself up for recording).

Valery is organized, timely, and thorough with her work. She has helped me make launching my podcast MUCH less stressful and has helped me avoid problems I didn’t even know I could have that with a podcast!

If you are launching a podcast or just want someone to trust to edit and release your monthly episodes, Valery is your girl!”

Allison Jordan, LMT, FDN-P, CST-T
Host of the Better Belly Podcast

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Let's launch your podcast, so that you can uplevel your brand, grow your business, and bring in those spicy leads you're looking for?